Welcome to Bramley Class – Year 5 and 6


The children in Bramley Class have returned from their Summer holiday full of enthusiasm and are ready to learn.  We have welcomed back 10 Year 6 children who were in Bramley Class last year as Year 4 and 14 Year 5 children.  We have looked at developing our class rules and now have them on display.  Each child in the class has positively taken ownership of them.  I am excited to be working with each and every member of Bramley Class and welcome seeing the progress they will make each and every day!

Art in the Woods

Bramley class visited the local woods to undertake their art lesson today.  All the children thoroughly enjoyed getting out of the classroom, exploring their surroundings and creating wonderful portraits and displays of...

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Goat Farm

The children at St. Mary's and our EYFSU children loved visiting the local goat farm, just a short walk from the school, as part of our theme 'The Great...

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Washingpool Farm

All the children at St. Mary's (including our Little Pips in the EYFSU) visited Washingpool Farm in Bridport to learn about farming as part of our theme 'The Great Outdoors'. We will also be visiting the local Goat Farm in Thorncombe to compare the methods of...

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B Sharp Music

Bramley class have been busy this morning (Tuesday 27th March) working with a charity group, B Sharp from Lyme Regis. They have created verses to a well known song about sheep, in just two hours and have performed it to the rest of the school. This was an excellent...

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Bramley class work for Thursday/Friday

Year 5/6 I am really hoping that we get some snow over the next couple of days! Obviously, your first priority is to get outside and enjoy it!When you have had your fun outside (fingers crossed) could you please do the following activities? Year 6 Please do a detailed...

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Master Shelf Builders

Two of our Year 6 children took on the challenge of building a flat pack shelving unit for Pippin class.  Completed within an hour under the watchful eye of Mrs Bridgeman, we think they did a fab job.  Well done...

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