Pupil Premium

What is pupil premium?

Pupil premium was introduced in April 2011 and is allocated to schools to work with pupils who have been registered for free school meals at any point in the last six years (known as Ever 6 FSM). Schools also receive funding for children that have been looked after continuously for more than six months, and children of Service personnel.

Please see below for information on how we currently spend the money and future plans.

The following outlines how funding has and will be allocated at St.Mary’s C of E VC Primary School to ensure positive outcomes for the pupils in the academic year 2017/18:  Allocated amount for 2017/18 £17,160.00

Learning Mentor
To work with identified children to support with social, behavioural and emotional needs, as required for pupils.

Pupil Premium Tracking

To deliver greater rigour in tracking and developing PP students especially those not achieving expected and good progress.  The Head will discuss all children’s progress who are in receipt of Pupil Premium and identify any specific needs/areas for development. Activities/resources are then allocated accordingly.  Discussion with parents to identify areas of need at Parent Consultation meetings and with the Headteacher at least once a year.  Develop the use of SIMs assessment and Discover to help to monitor and assess tracking.

Raising Attainment
To enhance provision for pupils who require more support to achieve expected and better progress, additional teaching assistant hours are employed to offer targeted group work; 1:1 teaching; 1:1 intervention and booster classes. A number of pupils who access this receive FSM. Where this does not directly impact on a Pupil Premium child it does make the class sizes smaller, thus enabling the class teacher to complete focused work with Pupil Premium children as identified through the tracking process.

Additional Agency Support
To help us fulfil our commitment to the children by bringing in outside agencies who can support our pupils’ development, e.g. Educational Psychology, School Nurse, Learning Mentor, Reading Buddies, Learning Support Worker, Intervention Groups, 1:1 talk time, ELSA work etc.

Extending and Enriching
To ensure all our pupil premium children are supported to achieve their potential. The funding is also used to support the more able pupils and to extend and enrich them.

Volunteer Reader Programme
Volunteers have been trained on how to support pupils’ individual reading, this impacts on all children including those with Pupil Premium.

Future spending plans include:

• Continue to develop a clear and strategic programme of support for all pupils; with a specific focus on pupils with PP and their specific needs.  • Training for TAs so a ‘quality first teaching’ attitude is enhanced throughout school  • TA Training in ELSA is established – Emotional Literacy Support Activities.  • A clear focus on those pupils who are not under performing but who may excel given further support.  • Continued support and Training for TAs working with pupil well being to enhance self-esteem and therefore engagement in the curriculum. • Careful analysis of the current interventions in place for pupils to ensure the money is being well spent and that these are indeed the interventions that will lead to the greatest success. (SENCO)  • Continue to raise the awareness of staff to the additional needs of those pupils in receipt of PP.  • Seek to enhance opportunities for pupils in sport and other clubs in school such as offering extra time for PE lessons at break times etc.  • Signposting parents of additional activities occurring in the community.  • 1:1 support where required  • Raise awareness of the needs of ‘Ever 6 FSM’ children and families who are struggling in the current economic climate, to ensure adequate support is given, through access to opportunities, and advice, support and signposting to outside agencies/foodbanks etc.  • Also ensuring the ‘Ever 3’ forces families are also supported as necessary.

Funding Allocation for 2017/2018: £17,160 – Please click on the following links for the 2017/18 strategy:

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Funding Allocation for 2016/2017: £14,520 – Please click on the following links for the 2016/17 report  and impact:

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