Our star this month have been working hard in all areas of their learning, but in particular Nell has been amazing role model when reciting her lines in the nativity, She has spoken confidently and with real enthusiasm, and always at the right time! Well done Nell!

Our writer of the month has used lots of the information that he has gathered first hand, through asking questions and looking at old toys during a recent visit led by the Education Service of Somerset Museum to produce a wonderful non fiction booklet on “Old Toys and New Toys”. He has written instructions to make a puppet and has even completed a questionnaire.

Millie is our mathematician this month. She has worked very hard to overcome her fears of “getting it wrong” and is now more confident to have ago first before asking for help. She has used her knowledge of place value to hep her with adding and subtracting even using a written method to subtract two digit numbers from two digit numbers!