Outdoor Learning & Forest School

Love Mud, Love History!  –  The Roundhouse Project Autumn 2017

Great news!!! We have been awarded £10,000 from Heritage Lottery!!! We’re looking forward to working with Kate Edwards and Charlotte Eve from www.cobcourses.com to create the Anglo-Saxon house this term – Autumn 2017.  Kate will start erecting the frame from 2nd October. This will take 3 weeks and will incorporate thatching the roof (weather permitting!). Our pupils will be able to pop out each day to see and hear the progress. After October half term, pupils will get stuck in wattle and daubing the walls.

Parents – do you also want to get stuck in the mud? Just let us know when you want to drop by to watch or support the pupils in making the house.

This project, once finished will enhance our outdoor learning facilities as children will be able to use this space as a classroom area.

Forest Schools

We are in the stages of planning some Forest School activities with help coming in from specialist teachers. However, our own staff try and make use of the outside space in our school grounds as much as possible to offer children that unique learning experience.  We are very fortunate to have many areas around the grounds for the children to make use of – the school field, gardening area, wooded area, wildlife garden including pond and outdoor space at the front of the school.  With our village location we are also able to go and explore in the nearby fields and woods.



The Green Ship

This morning, the children have focused on finishing, illustrating and publishing their stories which they have worked hard to invent this term. Our stories are based upon the picture book ‘The Green Ship’ By Quentin Blake. We are looking forward to sharing these...

Art in the Woods

Bramley class visited the local woods to undertake their art lesson today.  All the children thoroughly enjoyed getting out of the classroom, exploring their surroundings and creating wonderful portraits and displays of...