Outdoor Learning


Our wonderful grounds are a unique feature of St Mary’s. We are very fortunate to have an extensive playing field and outdoor space incorporating wooded and gardening areas as well a wildlife garden and pond.

Beyond PE and Forest School, staff seize opportunities to create outdoor learning experiences. In English lessons the children have the chance to explore the sights and sounds around them before using creative and ambitious language to write vivid descriptions of the season. The choir are sometimes heard singing under the trees by our roundhouse. Even the Maths class has found its way outdoors with the children building an impressive tetrahedron linked to their learning around shapes and strong structures. Participants of After School Club also enjoy outdoor pursuits including sport, photography, ‘eco’ activities and cookery using the cob oven and fire-pit.

During the summer the school makes the most of access to the adjacent Thorncombe Community Swimming Pool enabling the children develop a vital life skill with a life-long love and respect for water.