Outdoor Projects


Magdalen Green Schools Awards – In 2019 we were delighted to be the first school to trial this initiative for the Magdalen Environmental Trust. The awards offer schools that have visited Magdalen an opportunity to take the principles learnt on the farm back into their school. This promotes environmental awareness using skills from literacy and maths to science and design technology, while engaging with practical tasks such as composting, water catchment and gardening.

The children are proud to have already completed 12 objectives to achieve our Bronze certificate. Our journey towards Silver continues!

Our Roundhouse –In 2017 the children had first hand insight into the building of a timber framed thatched Anglo Saxon house; and helped to wattle and daub the walls. This was made possible thanks to a donation to the school and a Heritage Lottery Grant. Today it enhances our outdoor learning facilities being used by Forest School and for other enrichment sessions.

Our Totem Pole – In 2009 the children spent time in the local woodland environment to study and debark a tree which had been chosen for the pole. Back at school they worked on drawing and choosing images and ultimately enjoyed carving and painting to complete the pole. The project was led by Karen Hansen Design and Natural Form in collaboration with Real Ideas Organisation-Rio. Today, our pole continues to represent our awareness of holistic living and how we can pass on the world to the future – in a lively and positive way.