Love Mud, Love History!  –  The Roundhouse Project 

Great news!!! We have been awarded £10,000 from Heritage Lottery!!! We’re looking forward to working with Kate Edwards and Charlotte Eve from to create the Anglo-Saxon house this term – Autumn 2017.  Kate will start erecting the frame from 2nd October. This will take 3 weeks and will incorporate thatching the roof (weather permitting!). Our pupils will be able to pop out each day to see and hear the progress. After October half term, pupils will get stuck in wattle and daubing the walls.

Parents – do you also want to get stuck in the mud? Just let us know when you want to drop by to watch or support the pupils in making the house.

A Rainbow of Fun at Gardening Club 

Mrs Ralph and her team of helpers had great fun creating a rainbow using all the natural things they could find in the world around them.  Have a look on our gallery for more photos.

Finished Rainbow  Rainbow Team

Rainbow Team

Eco Garden Open for Business!

The Eco Wildlife Garden is now complete and our new outdoor learning space is being put to use! The children have already enjoyed planting wild flowers and making log pile houses. They have found that we already have some new inhabitants – bees, dragonfly larvae, pond skimmers and water snails!

A big thank you to Mrs Ralph for co-ordinating the project, Steve Smith and numerous parent volunteers for their hard work building the garden and to Magna Housing, Dorset Gardens Trust and for funding the project.

Tidying the New Outdoor Learning Area Dig, dig,dig!

We will be looking out for the developing eco system developing.

We will be looking out for the developing eco system developing.

We Are an Eco School!

Pupils from the school have created this rap for our Eco School!

Thorncombe St Mary’s School Eco Rap


We are an eco school everyone thinks this is cool

We are an eco school everyone thinks this is cool

Reduce, reuse, recycle, precycle!

Reduce, reuse, recycle, precycle!    CHORUS

Turn off the tap if you like this rap!

Turn off the tap if you like this rap!  CHORUS

Switch on to switching off, that means taps and lights!

That means taps and lights!  CHORUS

Say goodbye to standby! Say goodbye to standby!

Say goodbye to standby!  CHORUS

Don’t forget – put your banana skin in the big black bin!

Don’t forget – put your banana skin in the big black bin!

Compost! Compost! Compost!

Everyone needs the world – so be Eco! So be Eco! So be Eco! (x2)

We are an eco school everyone thinks this is cooooool! Yeahhhhhhh!    May 2014

We were very proud of being one of Dorset’s first schools to gain the Eco Award back in March 2009. We are currently re-applying for our Green Flag Award.

The Eco Club meet on a weekly basis to discuss all things Eco!  The children have planted apple trees linked to our newly named classes, developed a system for regular litter picking, created a new Eco Code and Story Telling area to name but a few.

Landscape Plan

We have spent time over last few years developing our school grounds which are huge! We now have a musical garden, secret den, trim trail, forest garden, wildlife garden and Viking Boat.

Our big project at the moment is to develop the early years outside space.  Mrs Clements the Pippin class teacher has created a deign and we are currently receiving quotes to complete the work.  We are hoping this will be ready to use in the Summer term.

Eco Day – Empty Classroom Day & Ground Force Day

At St. Mary’s we have an ‘empty classroom day’ the aim of the day was to do as much of our learning outdoors as we possibly could.  The whole school and many members of the community had great fun doing art work, designing a story telling chair, making dream catchers and working on our new pond area.   Look on the school photo gallery for some great photos.

Dream Catcher TreeWorking together outside

All Things Eco

Here are all the things we do to be kind to the environment and work towards being a carbon neutral school.

Solar Panels

In the summer of 2008 we had 20 solar panels installed on our school roof. Over the last 6 years this has equated to nearly £2,000 saving on our electricity bills!


In each of our toilets we have home-made hippos. They save a litre of water being wasted every time our toilets are flushed.

 Water Bottles & Butts   

We like being able to sip fresh water throughout the day in school, it helps us concentrate. At the end of the day we don’t pour left-over water down the sink, it goes on the vegetable patch or one of the flower beds.  We have three water butts around the school site and use what we collect to water the veggie patch.

Composting – Every day pupils from class 1 empty our compost bucket into one of our two  compost bins. We compost our fruit peelings at playtime and lunch time.  The plastic ones have just been replaced, as the badgers were having great fun trying to get into them for food!  The old plastic bins have been pre-cycled by a parent at the school!

Gardening – The Eco Club have been continuing developing the gardening area and have loved getting their hands muddy!  They have sold plants and seeds to raise money too!


Cob Oven & Turf Roof – the roof was refurbished this academic year and we had lots of fun using it on our Eco day.


  • Every office and classroom has a paper recycling bin and we all make sure waste paper goes in these bins each day.
  •  We remind the teachers not to waste too much paper by displaying posters by the photocopier.
  • We encourage parents to recycyle their empty ink cartridges in school.  We send these to a recycling company.  So far we have received £X from the recycling company.

Bird Boxes

We are continuing to put new bird boxes up and around school.  Our next aim is to purchase a web cam.