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We know that reading is the key to success! For this reason we encourage children to read from a wide range of reading materials. At school children also enjoy choosing books from the school library each week, magazines, comics etc are also available for the children to enjoy reading.
Each child has a reading record book. We ask that children read at least 4 times a week with parents and/or carers and that reading diaries are then initialled by the adults.
All children should read at least 4 times per week, the children’s reading record MUST be signed by an adult. The recommended time for your child is shown below:-
Supported by an adult
Reception – 10 minutes daily – 4 times a week including practising Key Words and Phonemes
Years 1 &2 – 15 minutes daily – 4 times a week including practising Key Words and Phonemes
Support dependent on reading skills*
3 and 4 – 15/20 minutes daily – 4 times a week
Independent or supported reading*
Years 5 and 6 – 20 minutes daily – 4 times a week

A Few Hints and Tips for reading with more fluent readers

As children become more fluent readers, reading aloud often slows down the process for them and for this reason they are often not keen to read large sections aloud. The following are suggestions of ways you can listen/assess your children’s understanding of what they have read and continue to support their reading –

  • Ask the child who their favourite character is – ask them to find a paragraph that describes their personality or shows something that they have done. Ask them to read this section aloud.
  • Ask the children to read their favourite paragraph in the last two pages they have read. Ask them what happened next. What do they think will happen now?
  • Ask them to find 3/5 words that are interesting/unusual or words they are unsure of the meaning. Discuss these words in the context of the book.

Many thanks for your continued support with improving reading across the school and reading with your child at home.





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