Golden Time – Fridays 2.20 – 2.50 pm

Golden Time is a special time in the week where children are allowed to choose the activities they want to do. This is a valuable opportunity for children to work with different children and adults, try something different and to develop new skills.

Golden Time is a part of our reward system in school. All children receive 30-40 minutes Golden Time per week. However, there are times if children break our ‘Golden Rules’ or consistently don’t do as they are asked or waste time etc they may lose some, or on a very rare occasion, all of their Golden Time.

Golden Time activities are varied and fun!  This half term the children have chosen from: board games, music and movement, drawing, computers, loom band club and Eco activities. Each half term children will be asked to choose their top three activities.  We hope most children will be given their first or second choice.  The children will stay with this session for the half term and then be allowed to choose again the following half term.  We know that it is something they will look forward to during the week.

We know that Golden Time is special and that it is something children look forward to during the week.