School Council

We have a school council which is made up of representatives from each class. They meet regularly to discuss a range of issues affecting children in their classes. They are encouraged to be active citizens who can share ideas and inform changes in the school. Two representatives are also encouraged to attend the Pyramid Council once a term which in turn influences the Pupil Council at Dorset County level.

Their work includes:

  • Agree the charities the school will support during the term
  • Discuss school policies which directly impact on their learning and their environment
  • Discuss Eco Matters and there are three appointed Eco Ambassadors who also attend the meeting
  • Meet with the PFA and Governors


Minutes from School Council meetings:

School Council Mins 20th Sep 16

School Council Mins 6th Oct 16

School Council Mins 16th Nov 16

School Council Mins 6th Jan 17

School Council Mins 20th Jan 17