School Photo Gallery

The children at St. Mary’s Primary School in Thorncombe once again held an ever popular Dragons Den event at the school on Friday 23rd March.  They all did a fantastic job and raised £278 for the school, well done everyone!


Easter Outside

The children enjoyed ‘Easter Outside ‘ this morning, to learn about pivotal points in the Easter story. Thank you to the ladies of Open the Book who kindly helped this come together.



Bramley class have been busy this morning working with a charity group, B Sharp from Lyme Regis. They have created verses to a well known song about sheep, in just two hours and have performed it to the rest of the school. This was an excellent session for the children and they have thoroughly enjoyed it, thank you B Sharp!  Visit our facebook page to see the video!



The children at St. Mary’s Primary School in Thorncombe decided to hold a pyjama day at school to raise funds for the Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance.  Children and staff came to school dressed in their pj’s, onesies, slippers and dressing gowns and thoroughly enjoyed the relaxed and comfy learning experience!  The school raised £200 for the Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance.
A representative visited the school on 21st February to receive the cheque and to talk to the children about the service provided by the Air Ambulance during their assembly.


Pippin Class Alien Party

Pippin class had an alien themed party yesterday to celebrate their topic on space. They played musical statues, musical bumps, sleeping lions and other party games before enjoying their party food in the classroom with mums and dads, grans and grandads!



Fizz Pop Science

They children and staff at St. Mary’s were entertained by Fizz Pop Science in assembly today. They talked about air and showed different experiments in relation to this. The children thoroughly enjoyed it and are all eager to sign up to the after school club starting after half-term!



Dorset Waste Assembly

We had a visit from Dorset Waste Partnership this week and the children had the opportunity to learn all about recycling. Slim Jim was a hit (the slim line bin!) and hopefully your children can now successfully help you with sorting out your rubbish!



Two of our Year 6 children took on the challenge of building a flat pack shelving unit for Pippin class.  Completed within an hour under the watchful eye of Mrs Bridgeman, we think they did a fab job.  Well done boys!


School Welly Walk

On Thursday 1st February the whole school took part in a rather muddy welly walk to the woods.  We are so lucky to live in an area where the school can enjoy the lovely village surroundings as the children love to get out and about.  Sorry parents for the muddy clothes!



Russet class have been learning about teeth in their Science lesson today.  Their first task was to get into groups and bite an apple with different teeth.  They then went on to make a jaw showing the different teeth out of clay, finishing up with writing about what they have found out!out of bin bags and sandwich bags, they tested a 20″, 15″ and 10″ diameter parachute to see which one would take the longest to land…this turned out ti be the biggest 20″ parachute. The parachutes were holding eggs and you can imagine how many splats there were!



Pippin class news

Pippin class have been very busy since returning to school in January. Mrs Murray and Mrs Gafney the class teachers have ensured the children have enjoyed learning their space topic by offering lots of different activities to suit the learning needs of all.


Playground Equipment

Russet class have been having a good sort out today of the playground equipment. Now re-organised, it will be available to use at break times to give the children more exciting opportunities during their free time. We are looking forward to see the children use their circus skills and balancing skills!



A King is Born

As per tradition, Pippin class performed their nativity play this year, A King is Born. It was a delight to see the talents of such young children, learning their lines and singing their hearts out, all the time with a smile on their face. Well done to all the children and staff involved who worked so hard to put on such an amazing performance.



Bramley class egg parachute science experiment 

The children in Bramley class (years 5 & 6) undertook their own science experiment today to test air resistance. Making egg parachutes out of bin bags and sandwich bags, they tested a 20″, 15″ and 10″ diameter parachute to see which one would take the longest to land…this turned out ti be the biggest 20″ parachute. The parachutes were holding eggs and you can imagine how many splats there were!


Anti-Bullying Week 2017

Children at St. Mary’s Primary School and ‘Little Pips’ EYFSU in Thorncombe have enjoyed the events and activities set out this week for Anti-Bullying Week.

Thank you to the PFA who have organised for the children to make friendship bracelets in the recently completed Cob Round House and to use the outside cob oven to make pizza.  We have also had other friendship games and activities in the classes.

Anti-Bullying Week has seen the children create posters, pictures and perform role play to demonstrate ‘what is bullying’ and what a child can do if they are subject to this or see it happening to another child.  Our children love to play with other children of all ages in the school, this is represented by our youngest ‘Little Pips’ from our EYFSU playing with children in Years 5 and 6.

The week culminated with children creating their own child friendly Anti-Bullying Policy which the school has issued to children and parents also including the formal Anti-Bullying Policy.



Ferne Animal Sanctuary Assembly

Mark from Ferne Animal Sanctuary visited today to talk about the Sanctuary with the children.  They learnt about re-homing animals and animal welfare and care.



Round House Project

The School received a Lottery Grant to build a cob round house in the grounds of the school.  Here are some photos of the project so far….





Wildlife Garden

It’s ‘Welly Wednesday’.  Today the children in Little Pips and Reception visited our wildlife garden and hung fat balls for the birds to eat.  They looked in the pond and discovered pond snails and skaters.  It was very exciting!

It’s Samba Time!!!

Children in Russet Class enjoy making a noise on a Monday afternoon by learning Samba.  We look forward to their performance at the end of term.

Pippin Class Musical Worship

The children in Pippin class are shown here enjoying musical worship at assembly time.



Bramley Class Debating

Bramley class have been conducting a series of debating classes this term about their topic.  We have witnessed very vocal and convincing debates from everyone taking part.  The children loved the opportunity to express themselves in a different way.



St. Mary’s Primary School 40th birthday!

On 30th September 2017, the school building celebrated it’s 40th birthday.  Children made cakes and we had a mini tea party, served by Year 6 children.

Football Tournament part 1…..

The sporting year got off to a flying start with our football team taking part in a football tournament at The Woodroffe School.  We won all of our three matches, 10-0, 3-0 and 4-0.  Well done to everyone.  This tournament continues next week and we eagerly anticipate the final result!  Well done boys and girls.  Mr Germscheid.

Bikeability 2017

On 3rd and 4th October this year, some of our Year 5 and 6 children took part in the Bikeability Scheme to improve their awareness of road safety.  Each child passed the course and received a certificate and badge.  Here are a few snaps of them in progress…



Stars of the Week and Month for September


Each week we celebrate ‘Stars of the Week’ from each class.  At the end of the month we have a special celebration assembly for ‘Stars of the Month’, ‘Literacy’ and ‘Mathematician’.  Mrs Orr-Ewing also selects a ‘Musician of the Month’.

These are some of our Stars for September 2017.




Welcome Reception Children 2017

We would like to introduce our new Reception class who started school in September 2017.


A few pictures from the KS2 Summer Production of Ye-Ha.  Directed by Miss Smith and Mr Germscheid….

If you go down to the woods today……

On 23rd June we had a teddy bears picnic at school including a walk to the woods.  Children brought in their favourite teddy bear and had a picnic lunch outside in our beautiful grounds.



Sports Day 2017

We held our Sports Day a little earlier this year but at least we had no rain!  Here are just a few of the hundreds of photos taken!

Tuck Shop….

Some entrepreneurial girls in upper KS2 decided they wanted to open a Tuck Shop on a Friday break time.  They sell stationery and snacks to children who bring in some money.  The first week they took £11.60.  Hopefully by the end of the year they would have made a nice profit for the school.  Thank you to Mrs Clements for helping to organise this venture.

Russet’s Got Talent!!!   

Russet Class collected enough marbles to have their class party today and decided to perform ‘Russet’s Got Talent’.  Many of the class took part either performing their act or as a judge.  We had, gymnastics, singing, dancing, tae-kwon do, football skills, magic, piano playing and even our very own Ant and Dec!  Pippin class were the audience and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Well done to everyone!


A performance by the Thorncombe Minstrels


Children and staff loved the performance by the Thorncombe Minstrels which took place at the school on Wednesday 3rd May.  It was very entertaining and captured the attention of everyone.  Thank you very much to all who took part.

A Wheely Good Relay

On Friday 21st April 2017, children at St. Mary’s CE VC Primary School in Thorncombe took part in ‘A Wheely Good Relay’.  This was an event organised by the PFA to raise funds for new equipment for the children to use in school.   The school grounds were measured and a target of 100km was set, could the children meet this target between them in 1 hour???  They had to ride their bike or scooter around different routes of the school grounds to complete as many laps as they could.  When the results were totted we found out that actually 297 km had been covered.  Well done to everyone!  Children were also able to use a specialised smoothie making bike, generously donated by Magdalen Farm Environmental Centre for the afternoon, to provide delicious smoothies as a treat for after their efforts, of course clocking up the ‘km’s’ as they prepared them!

Children gained sponsorship from family and friends and a staggering amount of £1498.20 was raised.  Mrs Robinson, Head Teacher at St. Mary’s Primary School was so very proud of all the children for taking part.  “It was hard work to keep going for an hour but children took part with smiles on their faces and were so pleased with their achievements.  A big thank you to the PFA for organising this event as the money raised will provide lots of new and exciting resources for the children.”


Book Fair

Thank you to everyone that bought a book from the Book Fair at school this week.  We raised £266 which enabled to school to spend £66.40 on books for the library.  Please see above the ones we chose!

Pippin Class Easter Tree

Pippin class have all taken part in decorating their ‘Easter Tree’ to celebrate Easter time.  It looks beautiful – we hope you have had a chance to see it in the classroom!

Easter Service 2017

This year’s Easter Service was held at St. Mary’s Church on Thursday 30th March 2017.  Children told stories of Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter Monday and sang two songs ‘Risen’ and ‘Celebrate’.

Pippin Class sang ‘We have a King who rides on a donkey’.

Russet class performed a Poem ‘The Colours of Easter’.

Bramley class told the story of ‘The Stations of the Cross’.

St. Andrew’s vs St. Mary’s

Another victory for the St. Mary’s football team who played against St. Andrew’s in Chardstock on Tuesday 28th March.  The team played really well, on the smallest pitch they have played on, but with the biggest goals!  The final score was 6-12 to us!!!

Cadbury World

On 9th March 2017 Bramley Class visited Cadbury World for their annual class trip.  Influenced by the class work about the Mayans they took the opportunity to go and find out how chocolate is made, also receiving a talk about the Mayans from the Cadbury World staff.  The children and staff thoroughly enjoyed their day!

Pancake Day Races

Children celebrated pancake day this year by having our traditional pancake day races.  Everyone had a go and it was such fun!

Football Match

On Tuesday 24th January 2017 St. Mary’s played a home game against St. Michael’s.  Led by Mr Germscheid, the team played well throughout the whole game and were victorious with the final score 6-1 to St. Mary’s.  The game was organised by ‘Go Active’ and we are looking forward to more games with local schools this year.

‘It’s a Baby’

The children in Pippin class and Russet class put together the nativity called ‘It’s a Baby’.  The performances were a delight to watch and thanks go to Mrs Huckett and Mrs White for all their hard work helping the children to choreograph this fabulous Nativity.


Christmas Worship at St. Mary’s Church (2016)


Classes performed Love, Peace and Joy at this year’s Christmas worship.


Well done to all the runners in the Stockland team.  You race with enthusiasm and determination and we are very proud of each and every one of you!


Lyme Bay Marine Talk 


In November 2016, Bramley and Russet classes welcomed a speaker from Lyme Bay Marines.  It was very interesting to find out about marine life in our local area and the talk was enjoyed by all.

Gardening Club 

The children thoroughly enjoy gardening club with Mrs Hill.  They try to get outside as much as the weather will let them, to explore and create in our wonderful grounds.


World Book Day September 2016

Children and staff all came to school dressed as their favourite Roald Dahl character, led by the Trunchbull!      


Welcome to our School – Reception children 2016

We welcomed 10 children into our Reception class in September 2016.  They are all very excited and enjoying their time at ‘big school’!

St. Mary’s Celebrate Children in Need and World Diabetes Day

Children & adults dressed in blue, wore a onesie or came as a Super Hero to mark World Diabetes day and Children in Need.  Each class did a variety of fun activities including making cakes to sell, designed a super hero Pudsey and made moving Pudsey bears with information facts.

A Rainbow of Fun at Gardening Club 

Mrs Ralph and her team of helpers had great fun creating a rainbow using all the natural things they could find in the world around them.